Update on Chilean Mural

As many of you will be aware, last month we were surprised to discover a piece of Chilean political art in our Union. The mural which has been hidden behind the old Terrace kitchen for over 40 years represents our support given to Chilean refugees in the 1970s.


Following on from the uncovering of the mural I met with members of the Leeds Chilean Community and the Chilean Community Association to discuss the possibility of its preservation.  I am pleased to announce that after a discussion with the contractors, we will be altering the building plans to ensure as much of the artwork as possible is displayed in one of our new Foyer meeting rooms.


I will also soon be meeting with the PhD student who first recognised the mural to discuss fundraising for the preservation work. I am excited to watch this project progress and will provide further updates once decisions are finalised.


Aidan Grills

Chief Executive

Leeds University Union

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