Making a sustainable statement.

The Union Upgrade is well underway now and if you’re around campus I’m sure you’ve seen our contractors all around LUU.

The final names of our new venues are being tested with students and very soon our new brand identity will be revealed. We will continue to update you on any changes to design or new images we have, so check back here for more.

One of the aims for our project has been to improve the environmental sustainability of our building, because we know that students care deeply about this, and that it represents their values. This hasn’t received a lot of attention so far, so I thought it was worth highlighting some of the things we’re doing to be more “green”:


We are donating furniture to charity.

We will be donating to the ‘Take my Hand’ project, a collection for refugees organised by one of our students – Dee Kaur. They have already sent a 40 tonne container of donations to Greece to help people in need, and are in the process of coordinating more containers to be shipped over.

LUU will be donating:

  •             Equipment from both the Hidden Café and Terrace Kitchen
  •             Riley Smith Hall chairs
  •             Furniture in Meeting rooms 1-6
  •             Furniture from Common Room and Treehouse


This furniture will be used to set up a school, play areas, kitchens and communal gatherings within specific camps. Qualified Syrian teachers and chefs living within the camps will be able to make use of these spaces and contribute towards building a self-sufficient community.

The chefs will create their own menus and meals and the teachers will design their own curriculum and learning strategies.

Our donations will provide much more than facilities, it will empower these qualified and talented teachers and chefs and provide a sense of normality.  Dee explained that maintaining hope within the camps is one of the biggest challenges so it’s brilliant to learn that pieces of our Union will be contributing to so much more.


Sustainable Structures.

Throughout the planning of the Union Upgrade, we have tried to integrate sustainable thinking and structures into our new building.

These include:

  •             The installation of a Rainwater Harvesting System to supply the Raven toilets
  •             The installation of Solar PV panels on the main roof to supply a percentage of or our electricity
  •             Donating suitable waste construction materials to create upcycled play equipment
  •             Aiming to donate, reused or recycle all waste materials and equipment across the site.
  •             Adding to and improving existing shower facilities to support cycling, walking and running to the Union

Thanks for reading this blog, and for taking an interest in our work. If you have any queries or questions about our project, just get in touch!


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