Make way for the first stage of the Union Upgrade.

Since the contractors Sir Robert McAlpine (SRM) have been hired, the team have hit the ground running and started work on the refurbishment straight away.

Tomorrow they are due to put some temporary barriers up in the foyer so that work can start on demolishing the main staircase. This is one of the very first steps towards getting our brand new space and improving the overall student experience in our building.

While the temporary barriers are up, SRM will be building the hoardings that will be in place during the demolition. The temporary barriers are due to be up for a couple of days this week, where during this time there will be no access through the front door and the majority of the foyer will be closed off.

How do I get around the building?

We will be directing members to use the double doors from the refectory entrance and also the Retail Entrance to gain access to the building.  Please note this should only be for two days this week, if it will be any different we will update you.

To gain access to ground floor and Level 1 & 2, you will need to use the Refectory/Balcony Stairs & Lift, or the stairs near the Finance Office. All disabled access routes to the building will also be via the Refectory lift.

For access to the lower floor, we will then be directing members to the retail entrance for the lower floor.

When will I get my shiny new building?

Good question. As we have now appointed the contractor, we have an overview of the key activity expected over the next few months. If all goes to plan, we’ll have Old Bar, Riley Smith Hall, Mine, Terrace Kitchen and the first phase of the foyer back in time for Freshers’ Week. We also hope to have the whole building complete by April 2017.

If you have any more questions, please head to our main website and use our contact form to send any queries through.

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