It’s Time to say Farewell to Treehouse

One of our spaces, Treehouse will be closing on Monday 14 November to make way for phase 2 of the building project. We’ve decided to close the space now as we know it has been cold and noisy recently due to the building work so we want to hurry up and transform the space into something you will enjoy using. As Treehouse is currently used for a number of things including society rehearsals and as a place to eat your lunch during the day, we have come up with some solutions to make sure you’re getting the most out of our building.

You’ll be able to eat your own food in Function on weekdays from 10am-2pm as well as in Pyramid 11am-4pm. There will also be new microwaves in Function as well as in the foyer, so you’ll still be able to heat up your meals. We know that the space is currently being booked out by societies too, so we are working hard to make sure these all get moved to a similar kind of space as smoothly as possible. If you have any questions about your booking or any of our spaces please speak to Helpdesk.









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