It’s fffffreezing….but the Union is still open.


As the weather has changed (political as well as meteorological!) we have had the strain in LUU of coping without our heating system. The students and staff have been incredibly supportive and tolerant as we have been working through this period. A special thanks to the Gryphon, LSR and LSTV teams who have still managed their (award-winning!) activity through this time.


We should have our heating back in a couple of weeks and this is obviously a really important part of our infrastructure development which sets the building up for the future. I got the opportunity for a birds-eye view of the new heating and cooling system now located on the roof of the Riley, pictured below, and it was great to see this progress being made.


Meanwhile our new lifts are about to arrive and will be fully commissioned over the coming weeks. This brings to life our aim to make LUU more accessible and inclusive in every sense. The new lift in the main foyer will open up access to the Old Bar and first floor, a backstage lift in the Riley Smith Theatre will give access to the dressing rooms and stage levels and to the south side of the building a new lift will connect the Pyramid venues and corridor alongside Essentials. We also replaced the dancefloor lift in Stylus over the summer, but in the rest of the project we are aiming to improve access with ramps between levels wherever possible. riley-roof


Over the next few months the market square area and Hidden Café space will be refurbished. The new central atrium and rear atrium with have the glazing and steel fitted to the roofs. I have been able to see these spaces under construction and the scale of our project really shouldn’t be underestimated. Many universities couldn’t provide the space we occupy for their student union, and it’s humbling and exciting to see the refurbishment take shape before our eyes.


Please contact me directly or via our website if you have any questions or would like any further detail on our plans.



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