Upgrading the Union is a big project, and with every big project you need a plan. We’re looking to keep to a tight schedule to make sure our spaces are ready for our members as soon as possible.


Previously Mine bar

  • Interior design scheme created.
  • New bar and toilets installed.
  • Kitchen open for business.
  • Reopened September 2016
Progress 90%

Pyramid Theatre

  • Asbestos removed and space cleared.
  • New glass pyramid restored.
  • Current works to construct disabled access onto stage and new seating area.
  • Lighting track and AV equipment to be installed as well as entrance to the theatre from Pyramid Canteen.
  • Due to open Spring 2017
Progress 50%


Previously Pulse bar

  • Panels blocking glass windows removed to expose natural light and shutters fitted to allow a range of different events to be held in the space.
  • Stairwells between Lounge and Pulse demolished.
  • Bar demolished and new bar installed.
  • Wall graphics, new flooring and furniture installed.
  • Reopened September 2016
Progress 90%

Riley Smith Theatre

  • Brand new stage area, retractable seating and flooring installed.
  • Disabled access to be created to all areas including stage and backstage over the coming weeks.
  • Lighting track & AV equipment installed.
  • Currently working to complete new changing facilities.
  • Opened October 2016 but with some work ongoing.
Progress 80%


  • One stairwell to be demolished to create open space.
  • Second stairwell to be transformed to include a new lift from Old Bar, through the Foyer to Riley balcony.
  • Temporary Joblink office created in the entrance to the Foyer whilst Union Square is being refurbished.

What to look forward to…

  • New Helpdesk created, to encompass all first contact help and support, including Advice & Activities.
  • New offices and meeting rooms built to support the expanded Helpdesk service.
  • Brand new interior design scheme.
  • Due for completion Summer 2017
Progress 30%

Old Bar

  • Space expanded into former corridor space.
  • Kitchen extended to connect with bar.
  • Floor tiles, bar and original furniture restored.
  • Interior design completed to match original Old Bar design.
  • Wall graphics installed.
  • Works ongoing in the corridor to prepare for the installation of the new lift and ramp.
  • Reopened September 2016
Progress 90%

Union Square

  • Joblink temporarily relocated to the Foyer
  • Univision now Bayfields, temporarily relocated to former Lounge from August 2016.
  • Central section demolished to open up the space and provide step free access across this floor.
  • Retail units to be updated & new outlets installed.
  • Stall spaces & communal seating to be created in central section.
  • Due to open Spring 2017
Progress 50%

Lounge and Treehouse

  • Lounge closed & refit as temporary Vision Opticians – opened August 2016
  • Fixtures and fittings removed.
  • Lounge space to be divided into 3 studios (studios 1 and 2 with movable wall separation) with additional storage.
  • Semi sprung floor to be installed
  • Mirrored walls and lockers to be installed.
  • Interior design to be completed.
  • Due to open Spring 2017
Progress 30%

Central Void

  • Scaffolding now erected.
  • Temporary corridor installed around existing Refectory corridor as demolition continues.
  • Glass ceiling to be installed at the top of the void.
  • Internal walls and windows to be removed to overlook internal void on all levels.
  • Due to open Spring 2017
Progress 20%

Phase 1- reopened September 2016

Riley Smith Hall

The newly renamed Riley Smith Theatre has been given a much needed face-lift, updating the front of house and backstage areas. Step free access is a priority throughout the whole Union Upgrade project, so we are currently working to ensure all areas of the Riley including the balcony, stage and backstage areas are easily accessible by installing two new lifts.

There is now multi-coloured, retractable seating, enabling the space to switch from a theatre to a clear space quickly. This has allow us to develop an even more diverse programme of events. Additional fire exits have also been created to allow the capacity to grow to 480 so even more people can enjoy the amazing productions our societies hold!

Old Bar

As the original bar on campus, Old Bar needed some TLC to ensure it was fit for purpose for another 75 years. After passionate feedback from students, it was agreed that the interior design of the space would remain as unchanged as possible. The key features such as the tiled floor, bar, tables and stools have been protected throughout the refurbishment.

However we have extended the space by knocking out into the surrounding corridor, so we could expand the kitchen to enable quicker service. We are also in the process of installing a ramp and lift to allow easier disabled access from the retail area and main entrance.


Mine has been transformed into a brand new bar and eatery Pyramid, receiving a full face lift including a copper bar, new furniture and wooden wall panelling. This venue is now a multi-functional space– a café during the day, pre-theatre bar and nightclub venue.

The previous Raven Theatre is currently in the middle of a significant refurbishment, which when complete will be Pyramid Theatre. The layout of the space will be altered, allowing easier access from the cafe/bar directly into the theatre space-perfect for evening performances!

Pyramid Theatre is set to be completed in time for the 17/18 academic year.


Pulse has been renamed Function– and has now been injected with personality with the help of a new interior design scheme and colourful wall graphics. With this dramatic revamp, it is now a premium bookable space in our building.

With a new catering function, we anticipate this space to be a popular location for society socials and events throughout the day and night.

The existing windows will be revealed to allow natural light to brighten the space, but don’t worry- when Function is used for Fruity and other evening events, it will be possible to block the light to create an atmospheric night time venue.

Phase 2

Union Square 

The retail floor will be transformed in Union Square, creating a central market with space for society and external stalls and communal seating. Each of the retail units will be refurbished and new outlets installed.

Common Room & Hidden Café

Union Square will lead straight through to the Common Room with a new ramp allowing easier disabled access and a clear link between the spaces. The café servery will move into the centre of the area to combine the two spaces together. The look and feel of the place will be maintained, but new furniture will ensure it is fit for purpose and provide as many seating spaces as possible.


Renamed Pyramid Theatre, this once derelict space will be redeveloped to provide campus’ only theatre in the round. With lots of society productions already planned for term 2, we’re excited to be able to provide our performance societies with the opportunity to showcase their productions in this new format.

The space will also be used for events including spoken word and film showings. We anticipate this space will be perfect for many of our democratic activities too, including debates and forums.

Phase 3


The Foyer itself will be split into several sections to be refurbished throughout all three building phases. The second stairwell will be demolished to open up the space and a new lift will be installed between the Old Bar, Foyer and Riley balcony.

Joblink has temporarily moved to the Foyer to ensure their service can continue during the downstairs refurbishment. There is also a brand new Terrace kitchen complete with new pizza oven.

In the future we will see a new Helpdesk created together with office space and meeting rooms to allow the services we provide to expand. The Helpdesk team will be trained to answer all first contact enquiries, including Activities and Advice to make it easier for student to access support. When a query needs to be referred, we’ll have specialists available to meet with in the Foyer.

The interior design scheme will provide comfortable seating spaces and a calmer atmosphere to ensure students feel comfortable approaching the Helpdesk for support. The society and external stalls will be relocated to the new Union Square, creating a vibrant hub of activity.

South Entrance

The South Entrance is the main route into LUU from the back of the building near Charles Morris and Earth & Environment. The building will be expanded to create a modern and prominent entrance.

The routes through the building will be redeveloped to provide quick and easy access to all spaces and a convenient thoroughfare through the union to the precinct in the centre of campus.

Central void

You may have noticed, there is a void space in between the Union building and Refectory – you can see it through the windows on the first and second floors.

We’re planning to take advantage of this architectural quirk and open up the void to provide natural light into all levels of the building. With a glass roof, the void will be fully enclosed and will overlook the newly constructed Union Square. By opening up the void on all levels, students will be able to see many of the union services at once, enabling them to learn more about what’s in our building quicker.


The Lounge and Treehouse are now closed but will reopen as state-of-the-art dance studios for society rehearsals. These studios will be fit for purpose with semi spring floors, mirrored walls and lockers to store personal belongings during rehearsals. With new showers being installed in the nearby Old Bar toilets, the studios will vastly improve the spaces available for our societies.

The former Lounge are is currently used as a temporary Bayfields Opticians whilst Union Square is being created.