Hidden Cafe Blend Now Available at Terrace


IMG_2226Hidden Café is next to receive a facelift as part of the Union Upgrade, closing its doors on Friday at 2pm and opening again in January 2017. The cafe will be part of Phase 2 of the current £20 million refurbishment project to transform our spaces and ensure our members get the very best out of our building.  


We are aware that Hidden has lots of very loyal customers, so whilst the café undergoes its transformation, you will still be able to get your Hidden Cafe fix, just in Terrace instead! Hidden’s signature coffee, an Italian Roast bean blend of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta beans will be served there as of the 1st of August, with Terrace opening at 8:30am to mimic Hidden Café’s opening times.IMG_2257


You will still be able to get all your favourite Hidden Cafe deals too. From the 1st of August between 8:30am- 11am Terrace will be serving regular hot drinks and a pastry for only £1.50, or after 11am get a hot drink and slice of your favourite cake for just £2.50. Come September, Hidden cafe will also be launching a brand new menu in Terrace, offering a complimentary hot drink or orange juice with any breakfast sandwich.



And what’s more, to make it feel even more like home, Hidden’s very own baristas will be present at Terrace making your coffee and providing table service until 11am, to ensure you still get the Hidden treatment!

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