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As you’ll probably know by now, we’re right in the middle of our Union Upgrade project and have a bunch of brand new spaces open for you to use. But we know it hasn’t all been plain sailing, particularly for our clubs & societies who rely so heavily on our spaces for their activities. We’re doing a couple of things to say sorry to our groups, which in the past has included giving vouchers, cash and free food for the inconvenience caused.

We’re also always looking to improve the support we give, and make sure we are always doing the best we can for our members. So we’d love to hear from you, and assemblies are the perfect way to do this.

What are assemblies?

Our assemblies run 5 times a year and are held by our elected activities exec. Each rep chairs a meeting for their category (Dance, Martial Arts etc) where at least one committee member from each society will attend. These sessions give committee members the chance to chat about ideas and requests for their society, as well as voice any concerns. The reps then pass this on to our Activities Officer, Taiwo who works closely with us to make it better for you.

We know that some groups have had problems with room booking and this is exactly the kind of thing you can voice at your assemblies- so please do!

And as always if you’d like any more info email

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