Which spaces are currently out of use?

  • The Raven Theatre and Hidden Café are now closed. They will reopen in April 2017 with brand new names; Pyramid Theatre and Common Ground.
  • Lounge and Treehouse closed in 2016, and will re-open in April 2017 as dance studios for society rehearsals.
  • The Foyer has been undergoing phased work since May 2016. Sometimes stall space will be closed off, which means any booked stalls for those periods will be relocated. For more information on this contact Anna Nixon (Helpdesk Manager) at You will still be able to access the building as well as Student Activities, Student Advice and the Cash Office on Level 1.
  • Some retail areas on the lower level of the Union (that used to house Cats and Univision) closed in 2016 and will re-open as Union Square in April 2017.
  • The South Entrance of LUU closed in 2016 and will open again at Easter 2017.
  • Mine has reopened in the form of Pyramid Café, Pulse is now the versatile venue Function, and Old Bar has reopened after a refurbishment.
  • For more information visit The Plan.

What about new spaces?

  • We have lots of new spaces for our members to use. We have turned Stylus into two different bookable spaces, with a partition wall that can be added to create ‘Stylus Upper’ and ‘Stylus Lower’. This provides us with another great space for clubs and societies to meet and rehearse. Both of these spaces are now available to book through the room booking system and the Helpdesk.
  • Function (once Pulse) is now a brand new multi-purpose bookable space. Available for a wide variety of socials and events day and night, just contact to arrange a booking.
  • You will also notice we have a fully refurbished Riley Smith Theatre, Old Bar and Pyramid (previously Mine), all available for events. For more information on these spaces visit: Now Open
  • For meetings and social events your society can now book tables at Balcony – our student led coffee shop on the Refectory Balcony. Just get in touch with to arrange a time.


When do societies need to submit block bookings for next semester?

  • Block booking requests have now been submitted. If your society has submitted a request this will be confirmed in the next few weeks and you will be sent full details of the rooms and times.
  • If your society has not submitted a block booking but would like space please contact as soon as possible.

How do societies make additional bookings?

  • You can make additional bookings by visiting the Helpdesk, Activities Reception Desk, by contacting or using the online bookings system (found on the LUU website, on the Intranet).


What is happening to our equipment and storage?

  • The cage storage area has moved to Level 2 of the building. You can sign out a key from Helpdesk or the Activities Reception to access the space.
  • We are currently reviewing storage at LUU and will notify groups who have put their name on the waiting list about any storage that becomes available throughout Union Upgrade.
  • If you have specific questions or concerns about equipment or storage please contact


Will there be any other changes?

  • If your society needs to access the building at unusual times or using specific entrances we will make sure you are aware of any work that affects this.
  • There may also be some noise during particular periods of the Union Upgrade. Your society will be made aware if there is anything happening that will have an impact on how or where you work.
  • One thing that your committee can do is to attend our assemblies. This is a great place to flag potential issues up so we can work together to solve them.

Are students being consulted about the changes to LUU?

  • We have been working with students for the past three years, consulting them about the architectural plans and what the students need from the building including our survey ‘Slate your Building’ and our large scale membership research ‘Express Yourself’. We will be continuing to liaise with students about all aspects of the project to make sure students get the very best out of our building.
  • We have been working closely with clubs and societies to communicate the changes that are happening to ensure activity can still take place throughout the Union Upgrade.
  • If your club or society has any specific feedback, questions or concerns please contact

Have the Exec been involved in the designs?

  • Of course! The Exec have been supporting the student consultation and have ensured that students are involved throughout the project. Many important decisions are personally signed off by the Exec themselves.

How can we find out details about the project as it develops?

  • Keep your eye on this site and our social media channels. You can also speak to our Helpdesk in the Foyer.