Coming to you this Freshers’ Week

After days of drilling, weeks of blocked exits and months of dust, it’s finally happening. Spaces in Leeds University Union are starting to open.

This is pretty exciting, as it finally feels like we have something positive to communicate, rather than just apologising for the mess.

Below is a brief overview of what we have opening this September, most of which will be used for our huge programme of activity this Freshers’ period. It may seem a bit confusing that some spaces are partially open and then handed back to the contractors after only a fortnight, but this is just so we can offer our members the best introductory period to this academic year as possible.


Riley Smith Theatre

In order to continue with Freshers’ plans, and not impact on our members’ experience during this exciting time, SRM have agreed to hand over the Riley Smith Theatre back to us early for a short period of time from the 16th September.

Work will continue on and under the stage, with the bleacher seating and the balcony seating not being installed until a later date.

After the Freshers’ buzz is over, we will hand the theatre back on the 3rd October for just two weeks of last works. The work to the backstage areas would then be completed, along with the installation of the bleacher and balcony seating, as well as the proscenium arch.

Finally the Riley Smith Theatre will be handed back to us on the 17th October, fully completed and ready to use.


Old Bar

Old Bar will be opening on the 17th September in time for Freshers’, with the kitchen open from the 19th September.

Old Bar will very much be keeping its original look and feel with only a couple of furniture changes – the cherished personality of the space will entirely remain.

The toilets on this level have also been refurbished to bring them bang up to date, using the space as effectively as possible.



Handed back to LUU permanently: 16 September

The space previously known as Pulse has now been renamed Function to indicate to and accommodate for its flexible use. It will open


Pyramid Cafe

The first half of Pyramid, the brand new cafe, will be handed over to LUU on the 16th September with the exception of the kitchen.

Work will continue on the kitchen until 3rd October, where they plan to offer a range of affordable but sophisticated food and drink. However, luckily the planned service will be able to be provided through the Function kitchen.

In time for Term 2 we will also have a brand new theatre space, giving the old Raven Theatre a new lease of life. The newly-named Pyramid Theatre will be a performance space ‘in the round’, one of the only theatres of this kind in the country.


Terrace Kitchen

A date for the completion of the Terrace Kitchen has not yet been given, however an indication of the 1st October has been mentioned.

The cold room in the existing Terrace kitchen has been removed, with the contractors now looking to install white rock to the walls, improve the flooring and install electric sockets. New fryers, fridges and freezers have also been installed to accommodate for the Freshers’ period.



Univision will still be open in our building, starting operations from 6th September.




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