Further support appointed to help upgrade our union

The last two months of the project have largely been taken up with the procurement stage for the main contract. The design and planning finalised earlier in the year was pulled together into a form for the public tender process, which will conclude with two contractors competing for the final appointment.

A further process has been running to appoint an interior design partner to work with us on key design aspects of our scheme. The Old Bar, Hidden Café/Lounge and conversion of Mine and Pulse are all areas which need developed design work to help us make the most of the refurbishment. After an extensive process, a company called ADP have been appointed and will start work on site very soon!

The interior design of the building is a stage of the project which lots of students and staff should feel able to contribute to. We expect to present visuals as they develop and give lots of people the chance to feedback and make this a really democratic part of the process as you would expect from Leeds University Union. More information on how you can join in with this phase of work will follow through this blog and the Union Upgrade website.

Alice Boulton-Breeze has joined the project as a Graduate Intern, with a brief to help keep our performing groups close to the plans. This work has initially been planning where we can move activities to when we close the Riley Smith Hall, Mine and Pulse for the first phases of refurbishment. We have received really good support from the University teams to help make this as smooth as possible. This includes access to alternative areas on campus, in addition to the new partitioned space in Stylus and the new theatre set up which will appear in the Refectory in the New Year.

Looking ahead, the interior design is really going to dominate between now and Christmas – so please look out for more information on how to get involved and keep informed!

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