Building Update – Tuesday 27 June

  • The Refectory corridor is now closed for a couple of days as there’s scaffolding up in the area. If you need to get to Balcony, you can access it through the Refectory. If you have to evacuate from Terrace at any point, also head to the Refectory.
  • Common Ground, Union Square and the Foyer have now been handed back to us so are open for everyone to use. However there will be some minor work in the entrance which could cause some noise in the area.
  • There is also work underway to replace the floor outside Saladbox which may cause some disruption to that area.
  • Bayfields Opticians have now moved from outside Essentials to their new unit in Union Square. For step-free access, just use the Refectory lift.

If you have any problems getting around our building just go to the Helpdesk or give them a call on 0113 3801 400.

What we are doing

To ensure people with accessibility needs are kept up to date on the changes happening to our building, we have created the twitter hashtag #accessibleluu where we will post updates. This can also be used by students or anyone who uses our building to communicate anything that may affect current access routes. There will also always be a member of staff on the Helpdesk to direct anyone who needs help getting around the building. We are also working with our Liberation Coordinators to create a page dedicated to accessibility on our new website. Once we have everything in place, we will be sending out an email to students informing them of what we are doing and how they can get support or report a problem.

If you are having any issues getting around our building just speak to the Helpdesk in our Foyer and they will be able to help. or check out our hashtag below.