5 Reasons you will love our new theatre in the round

As you’re probably aware we are currently undergoing our biggest and most ambitious refurbishment project ever, upgrading and expanding our spaces to ensure our members get the absolute best out of our building.

One of our most anticipated new spaces is Pyramid Theatre, our very own theatre in the round, and here are five reasons why we know you’ll love it!

You’ll be a part of history

Theatre in the round is one of the oldest forms of theatre in the world, so by performing in our Pyramid Theatre, you’ll be a part of history! It has roots in ancient Greek rituals intended to honour the Gods and was used again during the medieval times. It became particularly popular in the UK and Europe in the late 60s, however nowadays there aren’t many of them around, which brings us to our next reason…

There are only 9 theatres like this in the UK

That’s right, there are only nine theatres like this in the whole of the UK, making our Pyramid Theatre a rare and sort after venue for both society performances and external productions. Fun fact, one of the most famous theatres of this kind is The Royal Exchange in Manchester which once flooded its stage for a performance of The Lady from the Sea.

More people will see you perform

As the stage is completely surrounded by seating, Pyramid Theatre will be able to house an even bigger audience, so more people than ever will see your performances. The theatre will also give performers a unique panoramic view of the audience, with their faces becoming a backdrop to the story.

It’s perfect for intimate performances

Another great thing about this type of theatre is that although your performances will be watched by a larger audience, you are still able to create a feeling of intimacy, as the audience will be closer to the action. Having the stage in the middle of the theatre is also supposed to promote greater concentration, which is a plus!

And finally, it’s brand new

Once an unused and derelict space, Pyramid Theatre will give you a brand new, state-of-the-art performance area to play with, complete with acoustic panels and mood lighting, this multi-functional space is guaranteed to be a hit.

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