4 Ways you have Helped Improve your Union

As we are currently underway with a huge project to improve our building for all our members, here are just a few ways you have helped change your union for the better.

Slate Your Building

pyramid-sandIn 2012 you got the chance to Slate Your Building and you said that food was very important, with Terrace, Old Bar and Hidden Cafe being your favourite places in the union. You disliked the congestion, saying some spaces were too small, dark and busy and wanted more space for clubs and societies, better toilets and a cinema.

So good news, we’re busy working on all these things. We now have our brand new eatery called Pyramid and come November we will have the new Pyramid Theatre that can also be used as a cinema. We are also currently in the middle of opening up the foyer so there is more space and loads more seats and have fully refurbished the Old Bar toilets. But don’t worry your favourites have stuck around, with Old Bar restored to its former glory and Terrace still going strong.



Express Yourself

function-1Then a year later in 2013 we had Express Yourself where we dug a little deeper and gained a more in-depth insight into our members attitudes, motivations and behaviours. We found that 76% of students felt that advice and support is important at LUU but some members felt uncomfortable walking into the union building if they wanted serious advice. It was also clear that you wanted more space, with 68% of participants requesting more spaces for society activity and others stating that the foyer was too busy and chaotic.

We took all this on board and plan to open up the foyer and move all stalls and flyering down to the refurbished retail floor which will open next year, transforming the foyer into a quieter and more inviting space. Very soon we will also have two brand-new dance studios for society rehearsals, and of course Pyramid Theatre.



Mood Boards

old-bar-3In the run up to the start of our Union Upgrade we put mood boards on display around the building to give students a chance to look at what we had planned for each space and invite any comments. We received a lot of feedback, particularly regarding our plans for Old Bar with many students concerned the space would lose its traditional pub feel. We took this all on board, altering the designs according to what our students wanted from the space.





Your Exec

img_1700And last but not least, your Exec.  The Student Exec are made up of six elected leaders whose full-time job is to make sure your time in Leeds is the absolute best it can be. From the products we stock in our outlets, to campaigns or events you would like to see happen, they take all your views on board and fight your corner. 







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