1. Idea

To remain one of the best student union’s in the country, we realised our building required major improvements.

2. Plan

We’ve taken invaluable feedback on board from both staff and students at every step of the design process.

3. Build

Construction started in Winter 2015 – but don’t worry, we aim to keep as much of our building open as possible!

4. Finish

Our building is set to be complete in time for the next academic year, where we will be able to reopen all of our brand new spaces, ensuring out students love their time at Leeds.

This Month

  • We have opened a brand new lift in the Foyer which goes to Old Bar and Level 1, as well as a ramp providing us with step-free access to Old Bar from the retail floor.
  • Work is underway on the South Entrance and you will now be able to see the structure taking shape.
  • A large area of the Foyer is now closed off to allow for the significant work which will be undertaken in this area. However there is still a route through the Foyer to the Refectory and through to Terrace, then down to the lower ground floor.
  • This month we also opened brand new Female toilets in the Foyer and work continues within Union Square to create the central void.

Find out more about what we have planned here

Check out what we have in store for the next few months.

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